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"Maddie's approach was amazing"

The 4 month sleep regression hit our daughter during a time we had something on every weekend for about 2 months. So by 6 months, she was waking basically every 2-4 hours where she’d previously slept up to 10 hours guaranteed a night. I was feeding her back to sleep every time she woke. To say I was exhausted was an understatement. We reached out to Maddie for help and opted for a home visit. It was the best decision we have made! Within 24 hours, the false start at bedtime had disappeared, and day sleeps had improved. She now sleeps a solid 4-6 hour stretches over night and her lunch sleep is improving. Maddie’s approach is amazing. She’s guided by your parenting style and she provides fantastic information. One of the best things is now knowing what is developmentally normal for my daughter to be doing (like waking twice overnight for feeds). Having a personalised plan for our daughter has really helped. A week on and we are still actually sticking to it fairly closely, because we know it works! If we need help with our kids sleep in the future, we will definitely be contacting Maddie again! She has given us back our sleep, and also time in the evening with our 3.5 year old… and each other!
Bethany Fraser

"My bub is now going to sleep when I put him down for naps, and has the perfect night routine"

Maddie was absolutely amazing, she is so full of knowledge and willing to help with everything! Maddie was very supportive with my choices. Always there to answer any questions I had or if I was doubting myself she would send words of encouragement. My bub is now going to sleep when I put him down for naps, and has the perfect night routine, only waking for his dream feed and one other feed overnight. Although we haven’t mastered resettling/linking sleep cycles I am confident that Maddie has provided me with the right skills that we will be able to achieve this! Would definitely recommend Maddie to anyone that needs help with their babies sleep with a beautiful gentle approach 💞 Thank you for all your help! And ongoing support!
Jayde Storey‏‏‎ ‎

"I cannot recommend Maddie and Sleepy Tots enough."

Maddie, what can we say!! We are so incredibly grateful to you and your incredible sleep program and support. When we contacted you, we were at our wits end. Bedtimes were a struggle and we were experiencing countless night wakings. We saw results very quickly, by implementing the customised program. It was incredibly comprehensive and took a holistic approach, including nutrition. I cannot recommend Maddie and Sleepy Tots enough. If you are having problems with sleep, please reach out to Maddie, I asure you it will be so worth it. Thank you so much, from the Louden family xx
Claire Louden

"The results are AMAZING!"

Would highly recommend talking to Maddie at SleepyTots for anyone struggling with their baby’s sleep! Thank you Maddie, we have our sleep back! Before Maddie’s help Alice was feeding poorly during the day, feeding to sleep, had to be rocked to sleep or just sleep in our arms for every nap and bed time, 2-7 wake ups overnight and refusing to sleep in her cot. In just a couple of days she was sleeping overnight in her cot and only waking up twice overnight. Alice now sleeps all night. Maddie was always so helpful and supportive throughout the process! She provided such a wholistic approach to enable us to get the best for Alice. We are so grateful for all your support and encouragement with this sleep program! The results are AMAZING! Love from the Johnstone Family XO
Hannah Johnstone‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‎

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